Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well. Nothing much.
Just updated my class blog.
CCA has started.

Tests. Tests. Tests.
Oh come on.
Enough already.

Lit play.
Not so good for me.
Will people stop pressuring me?
Gosh. It's not easy, okay.
If it's so easy,
I'll like to see YOU do it.

I'm pretty emotionless today.
Just a straight face.
And a monotonous tone.

I've not been thinking much lately.
I just feel something's weird.
More like different?
I'm not sure what it is.
But it's bugging me.

Well. I guess that's all.
For now.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was so chaotic.
People should know what
I'm talking about.
Those who stayed back for

Just hope things get better

I sort of miss AYG?
Not as much as the
2008 Beijing Olympics.
(Especially football, in fact, only them.)

Choir's about to start soon.
Next week.
Heard we're going to
Hong Kong at the end of the year.
(Choir overseas trip)
Not confirmed though.

Lit play's a bit shaky.
I'm not sure if I can even
Memorise the lines.

Some peoples really have to respect
Other's privacy.
If I say no,

Well then,
I guess there isn't anything much now
Is there?

Shut up.

Monday, July 6, 2009


South Korea won the football finals.
Supported them all the way.
They beat North Korea
(who's player had a red card)
2 to 0.
Amazing game play.
(Aggressive too.)
That leaves North Korea 2nd
And Iran 3rd.

AYG is coming to an end tomorrow.
Time flies, really.
If YOG is going to be that short,
I guess they are just keeping to
Their budget.

I wanted to watch football live
But I had plans today,
Going to Orchard to buy materials
For Board Game project
With Zara.
Art Friend was like a ticking bomb.
Their prices was explosive.

We got our stuff.
We headed out of Takashimaya,
And guess who we saw
At the entrance.

Surprise, Surprise!
It's Kai Xiang.
We were thinking what is he doing here,
In such a classy place.
Turns out he was meeting his
Cousin to watch a movie.
Asked directions to Somerset.
Didn't expect anyone from our class
To come here.

Went to Starbucks,
Discussed about project.
And Zara went home first.
I stayed around, Got a Starbucks drink.
Went home later because I didn't want to
Miss the football match.

I'm just glad South Korea won.
Hope they do the same for next year's
I guess they'll all be the same players?


Friday, July 3, 2009

Tell me why.

So I've been watching AYG.
There's nothing wrong with that
Of course.
That's not the case.

So, one day,
I watched this football match
DPR Korea VS. Republic of Korea.
All are koreans,

And then I made this comment to my friends

Just today,
That there's this guy who looked better
Than the other players.
"OMG, AHHHHH. I want him so badly!"
And they were like after school,
"You're gonna watch that korean guy right?"

It doesn't mean I like him
I look for character (And looks) in guys
(Picky, I know. But hey, It's my life.)
So if I don't even know him
Then you should know what I mean.

But I've got to say, he's a pretty good
Player. Shot two goals from a distance.
But in the game versus Saudi Arabia,
He didn't score.
But they got 5 to 0.
Not bad eh?

I don't even know why I like to watch
Games and Olympics stuff.
It's not that I'm looking for guys,
I'm just stuck to it.
I don't have a particular
Favorite sport,
I like all.

I'm not a sporty person.
Although I can be a bit rough.
Sorry, Little Miss Small
(Wei Er.)
I was kind of harsh in badminton.
Not that I hit her or anything like that,
The shuttlecock just flew past her,
And she had to strain to hit it back.
Sorry. (Not in a sarcastic way.)

You guessed it,
I'm watching AYG now.
The repeat of the Korean game.
Maybe I should watch swimming?
Yeah, that sounds good.

Will I meet you?