Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Old Flame.

OP Idol was AWESOME.
It went really well.
Congrats to HASHY. AYU. WILSON.

So lately I've been getting along well
With my childhood friend.
Even if I name him,
No one would know his name.

It's been a long time.
Could this be a start of something new?
Which I always say.

That is uncertain.
An old flame.
Actually, that's not a right way to put it.
Since it never ACTUALLY ended.
He just left Singapore then.
Leaving everything hanging.

And he's already back.
And in touch with him again.
(Both our mums are good friends. ^^)
So yeah. I guess you can say
That it's coming back.
As I visit him again and again.

A feeling? You ask?
I really don't know. Seriously.
That doesn't sound like me.
At all.
Most of the time I give a definite answer when I asked
About who I like.

Maybe it's just that we're REALLY good friends?
I can't determine right now.

Well... I guess things have changed.
And so do people.
So there.
The long anticipated question has finally been answered.

But still.
I'm not that silly as to jump into something serious.
I'm still sensible Carene okay?
And my studies DEFINITELY comes first.

Who knows? It might just happen...