Sunday, January 16, 2011


Haven't been blogging since September!
Anyway I'm back.
And I'm close to my sweet Sixteenth birthday soon.
And bloody O's.

Anyway I've been to Korea
And Hong Kong for the second half of
Last year.
Sigh. Now time to work REALLY hard.

I envy all my seniors now...
I want to drop A maths.
But I can't bring myself to say it.

But hey!
I promised myself to be an optimist this year.
And I really want to acheive that.

Seeing all my friends having boy troubles.
It worries me.
I'm glad I don't have that.

Bet no one's going to read this dead blog.
Except me of course.

I'm going to work hard for O's.
And I am going to be successful.
I know I can.
And I know I will.

Falling Clovers.