Monday, April 14, 2014

A Fact.

Did say I'll try blogging again.
I'll like to view this as a diary.
A diary I'm not afraid to show. 

I hear my ex-classmates on their respective internship.
And it pains me because I fell ill.
And for that I'll have to start with a new class.
It's like enrollment all over again.

On the bright side after my internship,
Possibly starting September or August,
I'll be able to graduate instead of coming back
To school.

But at this point,
A third year student,
I'm still lost.
Really, what do I want to do in life?

I'm not certain if I want to continue in Tourism.
Or even business related.

But I won't view it as a mistake. 
I'll view it as a learning experience.
Because life throws you all sorts of shit.
Believe me I've been through a couple of my own. 
And I'm sure everyone else has too.

But what makes the difference is how we view
Our decisions.
And perhaps make a difference in how our lives eventually roll out.

Bah. I'm getting all faux philosopher here.
Pardon my ignorance.
I am after all coming to 19 only.
And I'm still very much alone.

I'll address that in my next post.

I think I may try changing my layout a bit.
And I can't promise myself daily entries.
Especially since school's starting next week.
Maybe monthly updates?
Perhaps I can look back on this.
Yeah. Maybe.


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