Sunday, April 13, 2014


It's been a while hasn't it?

It's been like 3 years since I last posted.
Things definitely have changed.

For instance I'm in my third year in SP.

Well at least in a week's time.
Last semester before 6 months internship.
Totally new class for the following reason:

I've become much weaker than before. 

That's depressing HAHA.
Anyway I'm trying to recover well. 
It's been one terrible experience.

Besides that I'm trying to start everything fresh.

And that also means I'm trying to erase myself.
From individuals. 
I think I'm tired of letting myself down.
And others as well. 

I know myself well. I can never commit.

To anything or anyone. I just can't.
For instance.
I never believed in best friends.
Because in my case they'll always walk.
Not because the problem lies with them.
It lies with me.

So I think I'm content not being anyone's important person.

And I think it makes me feel better even.
At the end of the day.
I know the only person I can commit to,
Is myself. And probably that's it.

Yes, even I find myself selfish. 

But I just can't be someone I'm not.
Any longer. It's tiring.
Trying to please others. 
And I understand why one of my friends always decide to go solo.

Perhaps I can learn from her. 

And save myself from this shit called Life.
And stop complicating situations. 

Anyway I'll try blogging again. 

Or bail out as always.
Who reads this anyway. 
Me duh. 

For Now.

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